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A Glass Half Full of Stuff to Read

My kettle is full of magic

From the handle to the spout

And if I rub it when it's boiling

A steamy little genie comes out


She floats through the kitchen air

On top a gaseous cloud

She pops out when the kettle whistles

And it whistles really loud


She'll hover over mugs

Filled with coffee or with tea

And ask you what you wish for

But there are no wishes three


Only two wishes can she grant

A duo is the most she'll do

When she whips out her little sugar lumps

And asks “one lump or two?”


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A farmer who crashed his old tractor

Found he needed a good chiropractor

His back came to some harm

While down on the farm

And faulty brakes were a very big factor


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Featured Poem

Big T and the Piggies

Are a gang as tough as nails

Hairy and pink

They created a stink

And got themselves thrown in jail


Inside a one foot prison cell

Inside a cotton cage

Bound in leather

And tied with a knot

They were sentenced to sweat for an age


But now they’re free

They’re going to market

To fight a rival gang

On the mean streets

A pair of mean feet

Where Big T and the Piggies hang.


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