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There was a grand old Dukebox

That contained 10,000 men

And the Duke marched them up to the top of their scales

And he marched them down again


And when they were up they were sharp

And when they were down they were flat

And when they were singing in harmony

The Duke would bow and take off his hat!


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There once was a ghost of a pigeon

Who was more dead than alive, just a smidgen

Whenever he'd coo

He only went Boo!

And could scare all the cooks in a kitchen

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Featured Poem


“When will I stop growing?”

A giant asked his mummy

“I've grown at a rate

Of one meter a day

Ever since I left your tummy”


"That's 7 meters every week

Or 365 a year

Times twelve because it's

My birthday soon

Which makes 4380 meters quite clear"


“I hope that I stop growing”

The giant he did sigh

As he pulled a bird

Out of his ear

And a plane out of his thigh.


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