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There once was a knight

Who refused to fight

Because his bones

Were old and brittle


They used to call him

Sir Lancelot

But now it's just

Sir Lancelittle.


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A farmer who crashed his old tractor

Found he needed a good chiropractor

His back came to some harm

While down on the farm

And faulty brakes were a very big factor


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Featured Poem


Big T and the Piggies

Are a gang as tough as nails

Hairy and pink

They created a stink

And got themselves thrown in jail


Inside a one foot prison cell

Inside a cotton cage

Bound in leather

And tied with a knot

They were sentenced to sweat for an age


But now they’re free

They’re going to market

To fight a rival gang

On the mean streets

A pair of mean feet

Where Big T and the Piggies hang.


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