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Tick-tock goes the clockroach

Climbing on the wall

You’ll notice when it starts to scuttle

That time begins to crawl


The creepy-crawly timepiece

Once fell from a great height

And found that it could fall quite fast

But it could not achieve flight


Tick-tock goes the clockroach

Underneath the bed

Two antennas spinning round

In the middle of its head


Counting down the minutes

Until a fateful foot should fall

Stopping time in its tracks

Halfway down the hall.


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A girl who once chewed too much bubblegum

Found that her habit was troublesome

Blowing bubbles so bloated

She hovered then floated

To a space telescope – the Hubble one!

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Featured Poem

Big T and the Piggies

Are a gang as tough as nails

Hairy and pink

They created a stink

And got themselves thrown in jail


Inside a one foot prison cell

Inside a cotton cage

Bound in leather

And tied with a knot

They were sentenced to sweat for an age


But now they’re free

They’re going to market

To fight a rival gang

On the mean streets

A pair of mean feet

Where Big T and the Piggies hang.


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