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Moon Jump

What would you do for a flying model rocket kit? Timmy's teacher challenges him to find the hidden treasure on the moon and draw a picture of it. His prize? A flying model rocket kit! Mr. Garcia meant that Timmy should look it up on the Internet or ask his parents. Instead, he hatches a crazy scheme to bounce to the moon. It just might work. Bounce along with Timmy on his great galactic adventure.

Written by Mark Megson and Aviva Gittle. Illustrated by Carlos Brito. Edited by Sara Dean.

This is the first in the Aviva Gittle "My First Chapter Book" series. The story is split up into small chapters, but still has plenty of pictures to delight the new reader. Perfect to read to your child or for the new reader to enjoy on his or her own.

Each chapter ends with a thought-provoking question meant to stir your child's imagination.

Aviva Gittle Publishing is writing and publishing great children’s stories in English and Spanish.

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