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The Crooning Ballooner

There is a smooth crooner

A hot air ballooner

Who sings as he sails the skies

And anywhere where kids

Cannot shut their eyelids

He'll fill the air with his lullabies


So look out for his balloon

That's as big as the moon

And is painted with musical notes

Which light up in time

With his notes and his rhymes

When they escape from his velvety throat


You may hear him sing

“Uh buh buh ba bing”

If you see his balloon floating by

Then “buh buh ba boo

And a sweet dream to you”

Before you close both your eyes


And when he's done

When he sees the sun

Greeting the world facing west

He'll bring down his balloon

And stop singing his tune

So that he too can get some good rest.


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