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Silly Sausage

There is a silly sausage in every porky pack

And when the other links aren't looking

When they've turned their beefy backs

The silly sausage will escape and head off on the run

Looking for a good time just like this pink and perky one


Out of the frying pan and over the fire

He leapt sprouting little sausage legs

To avoid being burnt with the bacon

And fried up with eggs


He sang sizzle sizzle while playing a fiddle

And whizzed around the kitchen tops

Making the meatballs green with envy

As well as the pork pies and the pork chops


Cartwheeling through the cakes and sweets

The sausage did not like to linger

And when I tried to catch him as he capered

He slipped right through my fingers


But just when he was having his silliest fun

Dancing with a banana, a biscuit and a bun

His plan it started to go south

When he danced onto a levitating fork

And right into my mouth!


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