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Dandy Lion

Somewhere in the fashion Jungle

A dandy lion poses

Wearing the finest finery

You'll find on any felinery

Or under fashionistas' noses


All about the jungle he seeks

The lionesses in the boutiques

In their well dressed little jungle cliques

To show off his lean physique

Dressed in clothes exceedingly chic


I would be lyin'

If I said

There was a prouder lion


When he wanders around the Savannah with pride

All the pretty animals cling to his side

But to the ugly ones he's exceedingly snide

Even when dressed in the hides

Of their relatives who have recently died


But one day wearing black and white

And acting like the Queen of Sheba

He didn't know he was being spied on

By some hungry and unfashionable lions

Who thought he was a zebra


Now that dandy lion is dandy no more

And is currently being worn

By the jungle floor.


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