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Holiday Day

Merry Christmas!

Happy Easter!

Have a jolly Holiday Day!


Because today is the day

When we celebrate them all

From Winter to Springtime

From Summer to Fall


One convenient day

In the middle of the year

To celebrate every holiday

That's far or that's near


Have a super Solstice!

A yip yip Yom Kippur!

A really cool Yule!


If you're Christian or Hindu

A Buddhist or Jew

Holiday Day

Will have something for you


A Pagan, a Wiccan

Muslim or Atheist*

It's for all of you

That this day exists


Happy Hanukkah!

A wonderful Ramadan!

Have a great festival light!


On Holiday Day everyone will feel alright.


*(What's that you say?

You too can play,

Because we'll throw in

Darwin Day)


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