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Pumpkin Pants

Pumpkin Pants knows how to dance

And every Halloween

He gets snatched

From his pumpkin patch

To bust the spookiest moves

That you've ever seen


He likes to do the boo-galoo

With all the ghosts and ghouls

And waltzes with the witches

With moves from the old school

Then he does the banshee bop

At the Devil's discothèque

With moves that are hotter than

All the fire in Heck


He vogues with the vampires

And shimmies with the spectres

Gets down with Death,

The Grim reaper,

And all the other bone collectors


He also does the limbo

While Grimmy holds his scythe

And makes all the ghosts watching

Wish they were still alive


He shakes his orange booty

From dusk until the dawn

From the last ray of light

To just before the morn

And when the sun it rises

Back up into the sky

Pumpkin Pants returns to his patch

Until another year passes by.


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