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The Ghost of a Raindrop

I was born from a cloud way up in the sky

(eight thousand kilometres to be precise)

And the first thing I saw was a bird flying by,

It goes with out saying the weather wasn't nice

On the day I was born.


From the moment I fell I learned quite fast

About the world around me,

I knew I was doomed and I wouldn't last

Because like the rest of my wet family

I was falling.


Nearly ten meters I fell every single second

Pulled down by gravity

And the further I fell the more the ground beckoned,

The wind pushed me away from the sea

Which would have hurt less.


Falling faster now at terminal velocity

I could see the end was near,

The ground looked like a monstrosity,

Can a raindrop shed a tear?

Maybe just a small one.


Where would I land and would I land hard?

On the dog poo, on the umbrella spike,

In the bin or the backyard?

But there was only one place I would have liked,

A puddle aka a graveyard for raindrops.


Someone just plipped

And I plop.


- From the ghost of a raindrop


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