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Bill Bell

Bill Bell fell down a well

He fell down a well in Dingly Dell

How far he fell down he couldn't tell

There was no phone signal so he had to yell:


“Help, help! I'm stuck down a well,

I'm stuck down a well in Dingly Dell

If someone could get me out that would be swell

Because now my legs are going tingly as well”


He hoped, he hoped help wouldn't be long

And soon he heard the voice of Dean Dong:


“Bill Bell, Bill Bell I know that voice well

How did you get stuck way down in this well”


“I fell” said Bill Bell

“While walking in the Dell

That's when I fell

Way down in this well”


Dean Dong did nod he could see it was real

He said he would go and get help from Neil Peal


“Hallo there Bill” yelled out Neil Peal

“I've got some rope to help this ordeal

Let me know when its down and we'll seal the deal

By pulling you out and then we'll buy you a meal”


The rope was tied and they pulled out Bill Bell

They pulled him up right out of the well


And when he was out they all sang a song

Bill Bell was saved by Neil Peal and Dean Dong!



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