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If I Was Made of Money

If I was made of money

I'd spend myself so fast

With fingers of rolled up £50 notes

There's no way I would last


If my skin was made of fivers

And my bones were made of gold

And my heart was a ruby

And my eyes were emeralds


If my head contained a crystal skull

There's no way I could survive

With wealth my body would be full

I know that I'd be spent alive


There'd be nothing for which

I'd need to beg

If it doesn't cost more than

An arm or a leg

On the down side there is danger

When there's money up your sleeves

You have to watch your bottom booty

Because of penny pinching thieves


But I know it wouldn't matter

Which part of me they stole

As the part that matters most is worth-less

Yet much more than money

This thing they call the soul.

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