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It isn't easy being left-handed

Everything seems the wrong way round

And back to front

And upside down


And yes it can get very confusing

When it's the opposite to the right hand

That you are using


Opening tins is a big no-no

And non-smudged writing

Another no-go


There's no left-handed pianos

No left-handed cars

But at least there's left-handed scissors

And left-handed guitars

When you're a lefty the world is unfair

Because all of the righties

Really don't care


But it's not all bad news

For lefties it's true

A lot of great people have been lefties too


Jimi Hendrix, Paul McCartney

Were left-handed stars

And many presidents too

Like Barack Obama


So take heart all you southpaws

You one out of every ten

Being left-handed isn't all that bad

And there's more left-handed women

Than left-handed men.

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