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The Floating Fluter

The Floating Fluter

Played a note to

Put the sailors minds at ease

He played his song

And they sang along

As they sailed the seven seas


One night a storm was all a'brew

High above the boat and crew

Thunder rang from the hurricane's throat

The fluter carried on playing

In a minor note


The storm it smashed

The boat to pieces

Crashing from rock to rock

For all involved

Their heads revolved

It came as quite a shock

They sent a boat

To find the Fluter

Floating in the sea alone

They searched for years

But accepted their fears

That the Floating Fluter was gone.


They say at nights,

On stormy nights

In the calm before the storm

You can hear the music unearthly playing

From where the Fluter now is laying

But the thunder claps

And then it's gone.


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