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If I was the President

If I was the President

If they made me king

Ruler of the universe

Master of the Ring

If I had the power

Of a monarch on the throne

I'd make the world a better place

And I would sing this song:


...I'd say clothes were optional

I'd abolish parking fines

The moon would be made of cheese

And the water made of wine


People would poop butterflies

And sneeze out candy floss

Everything would be wonderful

If I was the boss

Homework would involve no work

Teachers would be cool

There'd be no headmaster in charge

The kids would rule the school


Clouds would rain down lollipops

The trains would run on time

The streets would be paved of gold

And there would be no crime


If you were feeling sad or blue

I'd say have a day off and feel better

Every word I say is true

And I'd do it all to the letter...


If I was the leader

Wouldn't life be sweet

But there isn't much chance of that

When you're living on the street.

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