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The Leprechaun Bank

Now the rainy season's here

All the Leprechauns are free

Searching for their pot of gold

At the end of every rainbow that you see


They search and search the emerald hills

Looking for Roy G Biv

Because that's what they call the rainbow so they don't forget

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green,

Blue, Indigo, and Violet


When they've found

Upon the ground

Their golden glowing bowl

The rainbow they thank

Then it's off to the bank

To put it in their hidey hole


The gold it goes inside a vault

Behind an unbreakable door

And to stop Leprechaun looters from tunnelling in

It’s placed on top an undigable floor


So should you find a little bank

On the side of a grassy slope

(Because this is why they call a grassy slope a bank)

There's probably leprechaun gold inside

Or at least the greedy hope.


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