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Bull in a China Shop


“Excuse me sir, can I help you?”

Croaked the wide-eyed china shop assistant

And if you saw what he saw

You too would be speechless and distant


Because inside the little shop

Packed with china and porcelain, it was full

There stood not a normal sized man

But a rather large and scary bull.


“I would like a pot for tea,

And some dainty cups

But not too dainty to tell you the truth,

Because I have to use these hooves”


He held up his hooves and the shop assistant nodded,

To make sure he was listening by the bull he was prodded.


“Are you OK my good man?

You look a little pale,

Now go and get me my fragile goods

If you want to make a sale”


The man he went and the Bull he pondered,

Around the China shop he wandered


“We're often misunderstood us bulls” he continued

“People think we're dangerous and that's why we're hated,

But as you can see from the way I dress,

I'm really quite sophisticated”


The shop assistant had no words

But the sale was completed


“Thank you very much” he said

“I class you as my friend,

If these are good for drinking tea,

Then I'll come here again”


After the bull leaved

The sale assistant breathed

And a little old lady who lost her glasses came in looking for

them and knocked everything over in the process.


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