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Hooty McBlowhorn

There have been many pirates

With wooden legs and arms

And other fakey body bits

That might have caused alarm


But there was one particular pirate

Who everybody knows

Because he was a trumpet player

And he played it with his nose


Now to tell his nasal naval story

You won’t find it in the pirate books

How he came to get his name

And also some funny looks


One day when sailing through thick fog

Out of the mists a sound was born

Not odious but melodious and a little commodious

But definitely no fog horn


He let the sirens draw him in

Following the curiously tuneful sound

He plotted a course to the music’s source

And a safely anchored ship he found


Wrapped in fog and on the deck

He saw men armed with odd-shaped guns

Not realising they were a lost brass band

He called his crew to their battle stations


Now the band they had no real weapons

Just trumpets, trombones and TNT

So they loaded up their brass with explosives

And pointed them across the sea


Soon horns were flying everywhere

Cartwheeling through the air

And though Hooty had laughed at first

He now honked in despair

“Retreat, retreat I has been struck

Those scoundrels got me nose

And in its place this yellow horn

That toots every time I blows!”


Now it might be because of this incident

Or it could be a coincidence

How his name was born

That saxophonous sounding, salty sea dog

Hooty McBlowhorn.


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