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It’s hard for dragons

When they’re in love

Blowing fire

As well as kisses

And when dragon boys

Pucker and puff

They the singe the scales

Of their dragon Misses.

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There are many things on the internet that can keep children busy. MMORPGs or massively multiplayer online role-playing games are good venues where kids can express their creativity and practice their social skills.

There are a wide variety of themes which they can choose from—adventure, like the this horse game by Star Stable; fantasy, like the one about the world of ants; arts, like the one focusing on drawing; and the list goes on. Now, when kids look for other things to do on the web, apart from enjoying online games, reading literary pieces is also a good way to make them kill time while they learn something new.

On this site, you will certainly find good literature that can entertain young children as Reading Juice is a collection of funny poems and other silly stuff including short funny poems, long funny poems and limericks, as well some short stories .



There once was a ghost of a pigeon

Who was more dead than alive, just a smidgen

Whenever he'd coo

He only went Boo!

And could scare all the cooks in a kitchen

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Featured Poem


“When will I stop growing?”

A giant asked his mummy

“I've grown at a rate

Of one meter a day

Ever since I left your tummy”


"That's 7 meters every week

Or 365 a year

Times twelve because it's

My birthday soon

Which makes 4380 meters quite clear"


“I hope that I stop growing”

The giant he did sigh

As he pulled a bird

Out of his ear

And a plane out of his thigh.


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